If your site has an RSS feed, You can use IFTTT’s Twitter channel to automatically tweet a link to new posts when a new feed item is generated.


Before you start, you’ll need the following:

How to

First, go to your site and copy your site’s RSS feed URL1. For example, the feed URL for this site is https://zazazack.github.io/feed.xml

Your rss feed url should be accessible from your site's homepage

Next, go to IFTTT, click the ▼ next to your username to open the dropdown menu, then click Create

Click this to start creating your recipe

In the search bar, type rss, then click the Feed icon to choose your trigger channel

Under Choose a Trigger select New Feed Item

Under Complete Trigger Fields, input your feed’s url and click Create Trigger

Click that

Under Choose Action Channel, search for twitter, then click the Twitter icon

Choose Post a Tweet

Click Create Action (you can modify the Action Fields later)

Click Create Recipe (you can modify pretty much every option you’ve just selected later so don’t worry about using the default)

That’s it, you’re done! Next time you publish a post, it will be automatically tweeted from your Twitter account!

  1. Make sure to copy the link from your live site (i.e. not a locally served url like